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Enterprise definition: Enterprise is one of the prestigious institutions in the field of trade Furniture and field projects, hotels, furnished apartments, villas and palaces and administrative buildings, colleges and halls of events and conferences furnishing has dedicated a large part of its potential in the integrated furniture for all types of software projects as its business extends to all parts of the Kingdom and the Gulf states convergence 35 years of experience Activity Foundation: Enterprise engaged in selling wholesale furniture and furnishing projects are fully integrated across its furnishing a high standard and ensure the quality, and the record time, and provides several options for integrated furnishing and varied designs and distinctive really very 1. furnishing hotels and furnished apartments and residential complexes The residential shelter projects furnishing requires a has Foundation enough experience with all requirements and conditions that must be met to get the approval of the concerned authorities and we are aware of exactly where that institution is equipping and furnishing of hotels and furnished apartments, as well as staff and residential complexes housing and provide you with a distinctive and a variety of bedrooms and sofas and curtains believes you via its integrated furnishing more than 100 items, such as appliances, kitchens, carpets and hotel supplies, mattresses, quilts and Accessories- rooms are smart and Doors, wallpaper, parquet multiple and distinct reception and designs, and we all work according to specifications of the Tourism Authority, according to the desired category get it, all in record time and with high quality and prices Competition, 2. Administrative buildings and businesses Workplace must be flexible and that there will be harmony and consistency of color to send activity Bmozvic and we have enough experience to do so, the Foundation equipping and furnishing of administrative buildings and businesses fully as we provide you with a great variety and contemporary designs of sets main offices and staff offices and Barchenat open spaces and provide you also through the integrated program of furnishing services and office supplies, wallpaper, parquet and office accessories that you can, where upon receipt of the site to start work immediately 3. furnishing homes and apartments grooms Is now home furnishing easily and conveniently as the institution added within bouquets home furnishing across the entire integrated furnishing program q If you are years old Aossahab flat Ovilla Aouksr and can take advantage of this Apartments grooms and apartments individuals, villas and palaces, where he provides you with a wide variety of rooms the master bedroom and kids' rooms the councils and the living rooms and kitchens, modern designs and also provide all home accessories including knead wallpaper and parquet 4. meetings and conferences, institutes and classrooms halls The Foundation equipping and furnishing of meetings, conferences and institutes classrooms fully halls where it provides you a large, comfortable and fashionable at the lowest cost and high quality designs and you can receive the site ready in record time really very 5. weddings and events halls The Foundation equipping and furnishing of the entire wedding halls and provide you with multiple designs and ideas of modern well as they are sound equipment and lighting effects as he can upon receipt of leasing the site immediately with the possibility of building a home theater palaces and large villas.

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